Geothermal baths

Benefit from the bounty of geothermal energy by soaking in wonderfully hot water. This long-held Icelandic tradition will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.
Guests at the hotel get free admission to the baths.

The geothermal baths were first built in 1965, but have undergone huge improvements since then. There are two pools, two hot tubs, and a waterslide. Swim suits and towels can be rented at a low cost.

Opening times geothermal baths:
Monday - Friday: 1 pm - 7 pm
Saturday: 12 noon - 8 pm
Sunday: 12 noon- 8 pm

Float in Húsafell geothermal healing water and experience deep nourishing relaxation

We offer Float gear to our customers. Its an Icelandic design and invention and consist of a Float Cap which keeps the head above water while separate leg-floats allow the rest of the body to stay submerged. Creating this perfect balance of buoyancy leads to deep relaxation and a total sense of weightlessness.

Floating relaxation – forget about time

  • freedom from all external distractions 
  • whole chemistry of the body changes
  • blood pressure and heart rate drops
  • relaxing of muscle tension, good for back and joint problems 
  • stress hormones are washed out and replaced with feel-good endorphine

Húsafell´s fresh geothemal water

  • rheumatism, neuralgia, blood circulation, high blood pressure, skin probelms
  • high in fluoride, good for joints, muscular problems and blood circulation
  • sulphur rich, softens the skin and disinfects, active for heart and arteries
  • high in pH