Ice Cave

Into the Glacier provides numerous trips into the largest manmade ice tunnel in the world. The tunnel is located in the Langjökull glacier, which is the second largest glacier in Iceland.

The tunnel is 550 meters lon and reach 40 m below the surface of the glacier. The ice tunnels are on the west side of the Langjökull glacier, and only a two hours drive from Reykjavik.

June 1 to October 15, the tours start at Klaki base camp. Shuttle service is available from Hotel Husafell.

For our guest who are not driving a 4X4 jeep, we offer shuttles from Húsafell to Klaki over the summer months.

20.900 ISK

Teenagers: 12-15 years, 9.750 ISK
Children: 0-11 years, free.

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Scheduled tours
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The tour includes:

Tour in a specially modified vehicle
Entrance and English speaking guidance in the ice cave
English speaking driver/guide/audio guidance
Free WiFi in glacier vehicles


What to bring:

Warm clothing is mandatory, even in summer
Waterproof shoes and warm socks
Waterproof and warm coat
Hat and gloves


Please note:

Into the glacier reserves the right to change the itinerary and the mode of transport/cancel to tour, according to weather or road conditions, or other circumstances beyond their control.

Half price discount for 12–15 years old does not apply to group bookings.

In the winter time, duration of the tours may vary according to weather and road conditions.

Shuttle service from Hótel Husafell, June 1 to October 15

Daily at 10 am, 12 noon, and 2:30 pm.

Please note that road no. 550 from Húsafell to Klaki and from Þingvellir to Klaki is a rough gravel road only suitable for 4x4 vehicles. Use the shuttle from Húsafell if you do not have 4x4 vehicle.


2.000 ISK

Teenagers 12–15 yrs, 1.000 ISK
Children 0–11 yrs, free.

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